Kick Around – 4/29

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Today’s Kick Around is Chicharito heavy. There is even more speculation over his future team after he had another great performance in the weekend for Real Madrid. The Little Pea had a brace to lead a depleted Madrid squad to a much needed 3 points to keep their title hopes alive.

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Kick Around – 4/22

Mexicans rejoiced after Chicharito put Real Madrid into the next round of the Champions League. The Madrid striker had plenty of good looks but was not able to put one in the back of the net until only a few minutes before it was set to go into extra time. His fellow countryman, Jimenez, was on the bench but did not see the field.

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Kick Around- 4/21

I read a lot. I consume articles, blog posts, reddit threads, YouTube interviews, and transfer rumors all day. Sometimes its from the obvious sources (ESPN) but other times its from an obscure YouTube channel or a dude with a dozen followers. So I’m going to try something new and share the good ones. I’ll try to pick stuff I think is worth reading/watching about El Tri and Mexican soccer alike. I hope to do this a couple times week, hopefully more if the content is there. If you see anything good out there, send me a link. Below is my first batch of links.

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Mexico vs USA

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This game might be the least exciting rivalry game for me in years but it is still Mexico vs US. Although Piojo said Mexico needs to win, one look at the rosters and you’ll realize Mexico might be the underdog. While the core of Jurgen’s team has come back to MLS, Piojo’s core players mostly ply their trade in el viejo continento and not LigaMX.

Still, Piojo needs to evaluate the player pool to decide on 46 players to call up this summer for their 2 tournaments. He seems to understand that is where his priorities are and his callups reflect that.

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