The Good, The Bad & The Chuletita?


El Principito w/Captain’s Armband

Mexico battled a strong Chile team to a goal less draw. It sounds a lot more exciting than that but it is what it is. The game felt like a track meet for most of the 90 minutes. Below are some thoughts on the game. Nothing too crazy, I’m just splitting it up into a couple sections for a quick read.

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Chicharito- One Superclub To The Next

Did not think I would see this on deadline day

The more and more you look at the career of Javier Hernandez, the more you think you’re reading some script for a movie or a telenovela. His career started in one of the biggest clubs in North America and taken him to two of the biggest clubs in Europe. He became a fan favorite at United but the time has come to find greener pastures elsewhere. The loan to Real Madrid with a buy option has many wondering if it was the “right” move. So much that Tomas Boy chimed in for some reason.  I stand with the minds that think this is a good move and I have my reason why.

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