My November Callups

Reunited and it feels so good…… (Hopefully)

Its almost time for the November friendlies aka Judgement Day for Vela. The games will be important but all anyone has been talking about since the Panama game has been Carlitos Vela. Will he or won’t he? No one really knows, at least for a few more days. But if you ask me, he will be there.

Vela is just one of Piojo’s 22 call ups. Who will the other 21 be? This is who I would like to be called up.  Continue reading

Mexico (2) v (1) Honduras – Recap

It was a nervy start for El Tri. Which seems to be the standard for friendlies w/new players adapting to Piojo’s system. The new guys had to adapt to the 3 man backline since all 3 play with 4 in the back at their clubs. I think they did well after a shaky start and the backline was solid after the first 20 or so minutes. While I don’t agree fully with Piojo’s assessment of his new look back 3, they improved as the game went along.

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Mexico v Honduras

The October friendlies are upon us and Mexico will actually play them in Mexico. Just how rare is a Mexico game in the country of Mexico?

That rare. National team games are like printing money in the US (and the federation has a contract to play a certain # of games there). Let’s see what Piojo has in store for us tonight. Continue reading