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You okay Puma?

A couple weeks ago, Puma announced their Euros 2021 kits for Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic. Fans hated them and they were mocked relentlessly on social media platforms. We all know kit makers like to use templates when it comes to the bulk of their designs but Pumas has taken it to the extreme. This was cemented when their club kits for 21-22 season were leaked…

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Gracias Chicha

April 8th, 2010

Everyone’s favorite Little Pea is leaving Europe and coming to MLS. Of course the transfer to a “lesser” league will disappoint many but I’m taking a different approach.

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Cubo Torres – Decision Time

El Cu-Bot

5 weeks. That is the time afforded to Cubo Torres to make the biggest decision of his career. Cubo told the media he has until December 15th to make a decision whether to stay in MLS or go back home and try to save the Chivas from themselves. From all accounts, it seems his mind is not made up either way. I am sure many would love the story book ending of him coming back to Guadalajara and leading the team from its relegation battle. I am not one of those fans but Joshua Picazo is. Today, we will both make our cases. Let us know in the comments who you agree with.

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