As Twitter slowly deteriorates into a timeline of shitty promoted tweets and the same 3 ads, I think its time to look at other platforms to keep building the #LigaMXEng community. After being member of a couple different servers, I think Discord can be the answer.

I set up the TCK Discord last year and used it with a dozen or so friends for a bit. I didn’t end up opening it up for everyone but I liked the features it offered and kept the server alive instead of shutting it down. We brought it back to life for the World Cup amidst Twitter becoming a shit show and think its time to open it up for the masses to see what happens. So whether you’re coming for the memes or the streaming links to see a Mexican play in Spain’s 2nd division, I hope you stick around.

Here’s the invite link for the server.

You can use Discord via an App or their website. I think it will be a better to platform to share everything from streaming links, memes and maybe a Buy/Sell section for kits.