A couple weeks ago, Puma announced their Euros 2021 kits for Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic. Fans hated them and they were mocked relentlessly on social media platforms. We all know kit makers like to use templates when it comes to the bulk of their designs but Pumas has taken it to the extreme. This was cemented when their club kits for 21-22 season were leaked…

Dortmund, AC Milan, Man City and Marseille 3rd kits for 21-22

This is the expected 3rd kit template for Puma’s club teams in 2021-2022 season. Typically, clubs like to get creative with their 3rd kit with a design they would not use for a home/away kit. Some go wild like Nike has done recently with their clubs’ 3rd kits. But this? I don’t know what Puma thought they were doing but this ain’t it. These kits just reek of laziness, why even release them at all? Oh, and if you are looking for the club crests, they’re on the shorts.

At least Chivas fans can “celebrate” that their kit has different colored sleeves unlike the other leaked kits. The only saving grace for these kits is that they are rumored to be the 3rd kits for the clubs instead of a home or away kit. The same cannot be said of Puma’s National Team kits…

Announced Euros Kits

It’s not like this tournament snuck up on Puma. COVID even gave them another year and this is what they are going with? What makes this decision even worse is the original Euros 2020 kits leaked back in November 2019. You can at least tell those kits apart from a distance unlike the announced kits. Fans are definitely wishing those were going to be used instead.

Euros kits from Nov 2019 leak

Am I shitting on Puma a little too much? Probably. They are definitely not the only apparel manufacturer dropping the ball with their designs. They just so happened to drop 2 huge duds within a couple of weeks. It’s not like they can’t design great stuff. Look at the retro kit they made for Dortmund last month.


Their “anniversary kits” for Chivas have been beautiful and well received. I say that as a Club America fan too. So you know I definitely mean it.

Stop being lazy Puma. We know you can do better.