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Key Passes: 10/24/17

El Principito droppin’ dimes in La Liga


A Key Pass is defined as a pass that leads to a shot on goal by a teammate. In this post, I am trying to lead the reader to some good soccer content. There is so much going on that it is easy to miss. I hope to do these a few times a week. I will gladly take any suggestions if you find something cool online, send it my way. Whether its a nice kit from an obscure team or a golazo in a random college soccer game.


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Fresh Take on Mexico’s Kit


I am always up for teams changing up their kits every once in a while. Especially if they go outside the box. Graphic Designer Franco Carabajal does just that in his National Team “Flag” kits. He uses the flag of each country as the base for their kits. Luckily, he created a Mexico kit and I believe, it is much better than the leaked Adidas kit for the 2018 World Cup.


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Mexico FIFA 18 Ratings


The newest version of FIFA is out real soon and most of the player ratings are out. These player ratings are taken from the Ultimate Team portion of the game. Unlike Osorio, I am looking at their rating in their natural positions. Also, they are from their basic versions. In FIFA 17, several Mexican National Team players received TOTW cards and even TOTY cards. FIFA 18 should be no different. With all that being said, let’s see what the people from EA think…

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How To Watch Mexicans Abroad

No longer is it rare to turn on your TV early Saturday or Sunday morning and see a Mexican National team player playing in a European league. Of course, not all of them are easy to find on your program guide or preferred streaming service. It might be easy to turn on NBC and see Chicharito playing against Chelsea but it might take some work to find Tecatito flying down the wings for Porto. I update a Google Calendar with dates and kickoff times but in this article, I’ll try to find where to watch those games. Whether its on TV or via a streaming service.


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Chivas Reveal Mexico Inspired 3rd Kit

Chivas revealed their newest threads for this season. A third kit that could double as a national team kit. It joins their Home and Away kits in their kit rooms. Of course, the newest kit also includes that shiny star to remind you who is the defending LigaMX champions. Puma picked a good time to announce this kit with Mexico’s Independence Day coming up this weekend.

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Where To Buy A Chicharito Kit

One question I get asked more than others is “where can I buy X Player’s jersey?” and since Chicharito is Mexico’s most popular player, his name comes up a lot. You would think buying a Chicharito jersey would be very easy but you have to be careful about where you buy one from.

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Dope Soccer Art

If you look anywhere online, people are producing cool soccer art and products. Whether its custom kits,  dad hats,  or just eye catching illustrations.  It makes it even better for me when I see Mexican soccer being represented in those projects. This project by Andrea De Luca features Jorge “El Brody Campos and deserves to be shared. Continue reading

New Kit: Chicharito, Manchester United 11-12 Away

As the site name might imply, I do love a good kit. It only makes sense that I have a growing collection of them occupying more space in my closet than my girlfriend would like. Particularly, I gravitate towards the kits of Mexicans playing abroad. This explains why I have a Deportiva La Coruña kit in my collection. El Principito played there from 2007 to 2012 after Atlas sold 75% of his rights for around $9mil. Also explains why my eBay search history mostly consists of “Mexican National team player + foreign club.”  So yes, a kit nerd would be a good way to describe me. That’s why it is always exciting when a new kit joins the family and mail man was kind this week:

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#TBT: Cubo’s Breakout 2014 Season

Heading into the 2014 season, Cubo Torres was a 21 year old former wunderkind. He had failed to fully live up to the hype as the next “Chicharito” but still had some success in LigaMX. He had 14 career LigaMX goals as a much hyped teenager before being sent off to Chivas USA. Interesting to note that Chicharito only had 1 LigaMX before his 20th birthday but back to Cubo…

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TCK Extra – LigaMX Week 16


This photo basically sums up week 16 of Liga MX but Tom Harrison goes into it a little bit more in this week’s TCK Extra.

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