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Gold Cup Blues

Mexico has basically sent their A-team to the Gold Cup and are in a group where the other 3 countries are ranked by FIFA as 127th, 103rd, and 69th in the world. It has cake walk written all over it. But as Mexico fans, you all know its never that easy in CONCACAF…

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Is the USMNT European Pipeline a Problem for Mexico?

With both nations announcing their rosters, many were quick to point out the makeup of each side. It started a discussion about the leagues where the players are currently at. With twitter user @xGoalsMX pointing out that Mexico has more (4) MLS players in camp than the USMNT (3). A much larger discrepancy was evident in the number of players in the “Top 5 European Leagues” with US Soccer having 16 players to Mexico’s 5. The question has to be asked, do these numbers indicate Mexico is behind US Soccer in producing quality players for their national teams?

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Chicago Guide

El Tri plays Cuba on July 9th in  Chicago. As we all know,  Mexico fans travel well and I have a hunch the Chicago game will be well represented by Mexico fans across the US. Traveling to a game is more than just watching your team play in another city. If you’re on the lookout for activities or places to see while you’re in Chicago, hopefully this page will help.

-If you are only in the city for the game and heading out after the game, I suggest you come a couple hours early and go to the Taste of Chicago.

Check below for other suggestions on where to go during your Chicago stay. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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