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El Tri plays Cuba on July 9th in  Chicago. As we all know,  Mexico fans travel well and I have a hunch the Chicago game will be well represented by Mexico fans across the US. Traveling to a game is more than just watching your team play in another city. If you’re on the lookout for activities or places to see while you’re in Chicago, hopefully this page will help.

-If you are only in the city for the game and heading out after the game, I suggest you come a couple hours early and go to the Taste of Chicago.

Check below for other suggestions on where to go during your Chicago stay. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

-Cubs play the White Sox at Wrigley Field July 10th-12th.
-White Sox play July 9th against the Blue Jays, first pitch is at 1:10pm. You can easily make this game and be at Soldier Field for some early tailgating. 
-Chicago Fire play July 11th at 7:30pm. Their stadium is located in Bridgeview but if you’re in the city, you can use their “Pub to Pitch” program to get on a bus from a bar for a ride.
-If you make it to the north side, the Globe Pub has been voted one of the best soccer bars in America.

-If you’re jonesing to spend some more cash, checkout The Magnificent Mile for stores and dining options in downtown Chicago. 
-My recommendations:
-Giordanos/Lou Malnatis. For your Chicago deep dish pizza fix
Carnivale. A latin restaurant with plenty of interesting dishes.
Cafecito– a tiny Cuban sandwich shop that is so good, it might make you feel bad for the beat down Mexico will be handing to Cuba on the field.
-Portillos.  A nice spot to grab a Chicago Style Hot Dog and some Italian Beef. 
The Signature Room. Its located on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Center. Its a little more upscale but the view is amazing.Or if you only want to pop in for a quick drink, the Signature Lounge might be your best bet. 
-Not in the loop but it has been voted one of the best burgers in America, Kumas has 2 locations. If you have time, I suggest you make the journey to one of them.

-Chicago has plenty of Breweries to visit. Here is a good overview of them and available tour information.
-If drinking craft beer and playing old school arcade games is right up your alley, I suggest stopping by Headquarters
-If you find yourself in Lincoln Park, Beermiscuous offers tons of beers from many different breweries around the US.

Touristy Stuff

-If you plan on visiting  a couple of the items listed below, I suggest you take a look at a “CityPass.” It bundles admission to 5 attractions into a lower price than 5 individual tickets.
Sears Tower (While in Chicago, do not call it the “Willis Tower”). If you haven’t been to it lately, they added a new feature
Millenium Park. This is where the “Bean” is located. There is also a nice garden and amphitheater area. 
Navy Pier.  Free Fireworks 9:30pm to 10pm on July 8th (Weds) and 10:15pm on July 11th (Sat). It has other attractions as well, I suggest the Ferris Wheel.
Boat Tours. These will go along the lake front and into the city via the Chicago River. Different tours highlight 
Shedd Aquarium. Shares the same campus as Soldier Field, Adler, and the Field Museum. Makes for a convenient walk if you plan on staying right by Soldier Field.
Adler Planetarium.
Lincoln Park Zoo is on the city’s north side and is free of charge.
Transportation Options
-Walking. Most of the places I’ve recommended are located in the loop and within walking distance of Soldier Field.
-Taking the L. This is Chicago’s public transportation train system.
-Uber/taxis. Chicago has plenty of either ready to pick you up.
-If you’re staying in the burbs, the METRA system might be your best option to get in and out of the city. 
-Bike. Chicago, especially on the lakefront, is very bike friendly. It is made easier by its bike sharing program, Divvy. I believe it’s the largest bike sharing program in the US. A 24hr bike pass is only $7.

-If you plan on driving. you can buy parking ahead of the game, it might make things a little bit easier.


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