Many of you had an appointment last night to watch something specific like say, a Gold Cup semi-final. As for me, I had one as well but it involved a kid from Queens going on his summer trip to Europe..

I bought my Spider-Man tickets long before I realized Mexico would likely have a game at the same time but I didn’t change my plans. Either Mexico would beat Haiti in a game they were highly favored or my timeline would be in shambles. I chose Spidey and from the looks of it, I made the right decision.

Far From Home is the first MCU movie to be released following Avengers: End Game. I did not really know what to expect: would it be a classic humorous Spider-Man story or would the fall out from End Game drag it down? In the end, it was somewhere in between.

That suit is on point and gives me Thor vibes.

The story leans heavy into how Tony Stark’s death has affected Peter and the weight he now feels on his shoulders. It was handled very well and makes you invested in him as a person. The movie does touch on the snap’s effects on society but not too much as to lose focus on Peter. It is more a Peter Parker movie than a Spider-Man movie but don’t worry, there’s an amazing fight scene towards the middle of the movie that is up there in terms of best fight scenes in the MCU.

Many had questions when it was announced that Mysterio would be in the movie but the script does a really good job of fleshing out his character. Jake Gyllenhaal is great in this movie and has great chemistry with Tom Holland in all their scenes together. The costume department pulled off what could have been a very tricky costume for Mysterio. Even the “fish bowl” helmet looked great, especially in the back half of the movie.

Overall, I was a big fan of the movie. The story was good, villains were interesting and after some concerns, it felt like the right way to end Phase 3. I was very worried about taking Spider-Man out of New York. New York City and its skycrapers, always feel like supporting characters in Spider-Man’s world but they structured the action so you still get your fill of web slinging. If you pay close attention, there are a ton of call backs and easter eggs from previous MCU movies, and Spidey comics. Unlike End Game, this does feature a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene. Those scenes could have a lasting impact in the MCU and tease at what might come in Phase 4. Or they might not but they’ll give us plenty to think about until the next entry in the MCU hits theaters.