Early in the season, it was Tecatito Corona who was the only one of the Mexicans at Porto getting any playing time. Herrera and Layun were relegated to short substitution appearances. Diego Reyes never got off the bench but things are starting to change. Herrera and Reyes were big factors why Porto won 2-0, let’s dive into how that came to be.

Herrera was given the start and wore the captain’s armband. This has been the norm for nearly 2 months now. A new wrinkle was Diego Reyes starting at defensive midfielder. Reyes had a great active day against Belenenses and even chipped with an assist. The former Club America player is out of contract next summer but recent reports have Porto wanting to extend his deal. If he does not sign an extension by January 1st, he can sign on a free with another club. Although Reyes has struggled for game time at Porto, his 2 successful loan stints in Spain will bring suitors. I wonder if this is Porto’s last ditch attempt to see if Reyes can break through at the Portuguese giants. Porto Canal interviewed him after the game and he said he will be ready whenever the team calls on him.




HH had another great game with the captain’s armband: 1 goal and 1 assist. This is coming off a mid-week goal in the Champions League. Hector Herrera has been rumored to be on his way out of Porto for a couple of seasons now but his latest manager specifically requested he stay during the last transfer window. In today’s post-game comments he revealed he told the club president he wanted Herrera be a part of the base of his club. He went on to say that Herrera is not the captain by chance. He is a “highly respected and loved in the locker room.” All this bodes well for El Zorillo as his club career was somewhat on the downswing and it was affecting his standing with El Tri.

(Link to game highlights)