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Month: August 2017

New Kit: Chicharito, Manchester United 11-12 Away

As the site name might imply, I do love a good kit. It only makes sense that I have a growing collection of them occupying more space in my closet than my girlfriend would like. Particularly, I gravitate towards the kits of Mexicans playing abroad. This explains why I have a Deportiva La Coruña kit in my collection. El Principito played there from 2007 to 2012 after Atlas sold 75% of his rights for around $9mil. Also explains why my eBay search history mostly consists of “Mexican National team player + foreign club.”  So yes, a kit nerd would be a good way to describe me. That’s why it is always exciting when a new kit joins the family and mail man was kind this week:

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#TBT: Cubo’s Breakout 2014 Season

Heading into the 2014 season, Cubo Torres was a 21 year old former wunderkind. He had failed to fully live up to the hype as the next “Chicharito” but still had some success in LigaMX. He had 14 career LigaMX goals as a much hyped teenager before being sent off to Chivas USA. Interesting to note that Chicharito only had 1 LigaMX before his 20th birthday but back to Cubo…

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