As the site name might imply, I do love a good kit. It only makes sense that I have a growing collection of them occupying more space in my closet than my girlfriend would like. Particularly, I gravitate towards the kits of Mexicans playing abroad. This explains why I have a Deportiva La Coruña kit in my collection. El Principito played there from 2007 to 2012 after Atlas sold 75% of his rights for around $9mil. Also explains why my eBay search history mostly consists of “Mexican National team player + foreign club.”  So yes, a kit nerd would be a good way to describe me. That’s why it is always exciting when a new kit joins the family and mail man was kind this week:

This is the kit Chicharito wore during the 2011-2012 Premier League season. It was United’s away kit and features the commemorative badge signifying them as the defending league champions. Chicha scored 10 league goals in 1487 minutes that season. Manchester nearly repeated but City beat them on one of the last kicks of the season.


Surprisingly, I did not have a Chicharito kit from his time at Manchester United. I had come close to pulling the trigger but was waiting for something to catch my eye. Since I’m a sucker for badges and special edition kits, this one grabbed my attention and I had to have it. A home kit from his debut season at Old Trafford is still on my list though, let me know if you see one for a decent price. It joins plenty of other ones on my list, some obscure (Ochoa @ Ajaccio), some not (Chicha @ West Ham). So if you’re wondering who is bidding on that Guardado kit from his time at Leverkusen? Chances are its probably me.


Do you guys have any cool Mexicans Abroad kits?