If you look anywhere online, people are producing cool soccer art and products. Whether its custom kits,  dad hats,  or just eye catching illustrations.  It makes it even better for me when I see Mexican soccer being represented in those projects. This project by Andrea De Luca features Jorge “El Brody Campos and deserves to be shared.

For Volume 1 of his Football Illustrations project, Andrea depicted Gerrard, (Brazilian) Ronaldo, and Campos in gorgeous illustrations. I highly suggest you check all of them out and the rest of his non-soccer art at his website. Obviously, I am partial to the Campos piece.



I found a link to the project in the Trequartista Newsletter.   The newsletter does a good job of finding soccer art from submissions and from browsing the web. I recommend you sign up for it as they highlight interesting projects and will not spam your inbox.


Know of any other cool projects? Send them my way.