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La Liga… de Mexicanos

Liga For Paisas?

La Liga seems to be buying and signing every Mexican who can kick a ball, minus the Mexican treasure known as Bofo. Naturally, most of us are going to be following that league closer than in years past. Hopefully this article will clear up how you can do that.

TV Options:

beIN SPORTS is the rights holder for La Liga in these United States. And yes, thats how you’re suppose to spell it. Maybe you’re suppose to yell it too. It’s a relatively new sports network launched in August 2012. They have been buying up all the soccer rights they can. beIN SPORTS currently has the exclusive rights to La Liga, Serie A, Ligue Un, Copa America 2015, Championship, League Cup, Coppa Italia, Copa del Rey and more. They operate a sister channel in spanish with a slightly different schedule. As with new niche channels, there always seems to be availability issues and whether the provider will carry it in HD. Long time users of Fox Soccer know this pain all too well. I went to beIN SPORTS’s site and pulled the channel info below. Hopefully it can help you locate their channels:

  •  DISH subscribers can find the beIN SPORTS network on Channel 408 in English and on Channel 871 in Spanish (SAP)
  •  DIRECTV subscribers can watch beIN SPORTS on Channel 620 in HD and English, and beIN SPORTS en Español on Channel 426
  •  Comcast has launched beIN SPORTS across the U.S. Please contact your local Comcast office for channel information.
  •  Time Warner Cable.  Check your local TWC office for details.
  •  Bright House Networks.  Check your local BHN office for details.
  •  Verizon FIOS subscribers can find beIN SPORTS on Channel 598 in HD  and beIN SPORTS en Español on Channel 1538 in HD.
  •  AT&T U-verse subscribers can find beIN SPORTS on Channel 1662 in HD  and beIN SPORTS en Español on Channel 1663 in HD.
  •  Advanced, Atlantic Broadband, Claro, enTouch Systems, Hotwire, Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico, OneLink Communications and RCN.
  •  Cox Communications has launched beIN SPORTS across the U.S. Please contact your local Cox office for channel information.
  •  Cablevision Optimum TV subscribers can find beIN SPORTS on Channel 691 in HD and beIN SPORTS en Español on Channel 692 in HD.

Internet Only Option

Maybe your provider doesn’t carry beIn or its on an expensive tier or you just don’t have cable because you would hardly use it. As cord cutting gains steam, providers are starting to offer internet only options. Dish Network has experimented in this field by offering DishWorld. Its a service where they offer small channel packages through this online service. It has mostly niche stuff and foreign channels BUT their sports package features both of the beIN SPORTS channels in their 21 channel lineup. One of other channels included, One World Sports, has the rights to Chelsea TV, Arsenal TV, Bayern Munich TV, NASL, J-League and more. A nice bonus if you plan on watching any of that content. The price is $10 per month with no contract for 1 stream or you can add streams for $5 each. In theory, you can split this with 2 buddies pay a total of $20 for the service. DishWorld is available on number of devices. All the usual suspects are included. You can use the service for a trial period of 48hrs, just enough for a weekend of action to see if its your cup of tea.

Their PC app. (From the WorldSoccerTalk review)


Head to WorldSoccerTalk for a good review on the service. Besides the nice UI, my favorite feature is how you can go back in time up to 8 days to rewatch a match or program from beIN SPORTS. It makes a great combination with their “Watchlist” feature so you can go keep track of the matches/programs you want to catch later. Its perfect for when you want to watch Villarreal play Valencia but Malaga is taking on Atletico at the same time.  My least favorite feature is the lack of support in the apps for AirPlay or Chromecast, I’m sure there is a licensing reason as to why those features are not supported. It is unfortunate but DishWorld tries to make it as easy as possible to access whatever programming you want.  This might be the way to go for many of you out there.

Don’t be like Homer this season



  1. Joshua

    Also, illegal streams work if you don’t mind finding the hidden “x” on a dozen pop ups

    • The Colorful Kit

      Might just create a post every weekend with times for that weekend’s matches. So we can talk during the matches and post links if need be. I’m gonna sign up for that DishWorld tho, legit service.

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