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Who Should Be On The Move

Memo in his natural habitat… the bench.

With the transfer window opening up for much of the world, its time to see which Mexicans should be looking for new addresses. Here is my list of 4 players who should really push for a move, whether its a loan or permanent transfer. For once, this list will not include Chicharito, who has found a home at Bayer Leverkusen. Let’s see who is on my list…

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Chicha Signed Where?

Image via @_dosuno

With Chicharito signing in a league unfamiliar to many Mexican fans, we thought having someone come in and catch us up on Bayer Leverkusen would be appropriate. We were able to grab Edgar Avalos from the ever growing @Bayer04LevMX Twitter account. He gives us a glimpse into how he became a Bayer fan and a history lesson on Chicharito’s new club. If you have any questions for him, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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Transfer Moves

Image via @_DosUno

Image via @_DosUno

A couple of surprise moves happened/were confirmed this weekend. The Tecatito to Porto rumor was already strong and nearly a certainty but he wont be the only Mexican on the move.

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Tecatito Transfer?

Image via

There is about a week left in the Summer Transfer Window. Expect the rumors to fly fast and hard. Josh breaks down the latest Tecatito rumor.

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