NBA Draft- GarPax Edition

LaMarcus? Naw lets trade for Tyrus Thomas..

Draft night is the unofficial start to the new season and as a Bulls fan, its been the high point of our season for the last couple of years. Lets see if I can blog past the lottery.

  • 6:34pm: Adam Silver comes out and isn’t boo’ed. Has to be the only commissioner in sports that is liked by fans and owners. Somewhere Roger Goodell is drying his tears with his millions.
  • 6:38pm: A watch party is going crazy in New Orleans for Zion. I guess its easy to forget about AD wanting to leave your city when you have the second coming of LeBron coming to your city. Better make sure he doesn’t become a Klutch Sports client.
The food is great in NO, hopefully this doesn’t happen to him.
  • 6:45pm: Let’s remember this moment in 7 years when Zion demands a trade to a big market club….
  • 6:47pm: The guy I wanted for the Bulls is officially off the board. I wish Ja Morant well in Memphis. This will be the last time he’s on ESPN this season. Enjoy it.
  • 6:54pm: Knicks need to hope this Canadian wing player turns out better than the original Maple Jordan aka Andrew Wiggins. Wait, he calls himself the Maple Mamba? I hope NYC doesn’t eat him alive.
  • 6:58pm: Here is where the draft starts to get spicy and where teams will start picking players I thought the Bulls would draft 🙁
  • 6:58pm: Who am I kidding, I secretly think we are looking for someone to buy all of our draft picks.
  • 7:00pm: Hunter to the Lakers aka the Pelicans aka the Hawks. Somewhere Jim Boylen is frustrated the Bulls couldn’t draft the best defender in the draft.
  • 7:05pm: Really hoping the Bulls don’t do anything stupid and trade LaVine to move up and draft Garland.
  • 7:08pm: Another Bulls target comes off the board. Garland to Cleveland to fight with Sexton over the ball. Good luck to K-Love, assuming he doesn’t get traded this summer. Also, I forgot they still had JR Smith on the roster.
  • 7:12pm: 19-20 Cavs will look like 96-97 Sixers where AI and Stackhouse were #1 and #3 in turnovers.
  • 7:15pm: Culver to Minny… so Bulls are free to grab Coby White? Am I crazy for kinda wanting the Bulls to go big and go for Cam Reddish? Billups compares Culver to Jimmy Butler. Ouch.
  • 7:22pm: Bulls tank this past season and it gets them Coby White. How many games until he is benched in favor or Arcidiacono for not hustling and showing enough grit?
  • 7:31pm: In case you forgot, Wizards owe John Wall $170mil over the next 4 years and he will miss the first year of that deal with a ruptured Achilles.
  • 7:36pm: Cam Reddish goes to the Hawks using the pick they got in the draft night trade last year. Early fave for League Pass team?
  • 7:42pm: Suns with the first big surprise of the draft by taking Cam Johnson at 11th overall. A very big reach and analysts are confused. Is Booker going to be another one of those players who never sees the playoffs and keeps putting up empty stats on terrible teams?
  • 7:52pm: No matter who MJ drafts, it wont be any worse than KWAME Brown.
This guy is running our draft tonight [via @BullsBlogger]
This dude should fit in Miami, at least in the clubs
  • 8:14pm: The lottery is over and it was a slog. No international players were taken which surprised me. Also, Jay Bilas really is a hype man ala Gruden on MNF.
  • 8:26pm: Just like the Bulls FO last season, I’m signing off before the draft is over. When’s Summer League start?