Recap: Mexico vs Argentina

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An exciting game to close out the September friendlies. Here are my quick thoughts.

Me Gusta

-The execution of Tuca’s gameplan was flawless.  Mexico seemed to know where to be and what to do at all times. The counter attacks were beautiful, RAFA MARQUEZ even led one. Argentina did not cope well with the high pressure of Mexico and it showed. While the starters were on the field, Mexico looked great.

-The rebirth of HH. 2 games, 2 goals for the Pachuca product. After a lost summer with the national team, Herrera has his sights on regaining his best form. Tuca has gotten 2 good performances from Herrera and HH looks like a rejuvenated  player. Mexico needs him at his best against the US.

-Raul Jimenez playing confident. Jimenez looked like the player Cholo Simeone wanted to buy. He was active and played well off of Chicharito. He has said the move to Benfica has given him confidence and I expect Benfica will give him plenty of minutes as well.

-Gallito clogging up the middle. He made sure Messi knew he was around at all times. Gallito constantly broke up attacks before they developed and made sure nothing was easy for Messi & Co. The midfield pressure of Mexico died down once he was subbed out.

-Chicharito making the PK. I know he missed plenty of chances but when a striker is struggling, as he is, getting a goal helps. Hopefully he can build on this as he goes back to the Bundesliga.

CHICHARITO GAWD w/ the golazo. #ElTri #PVA #TheColorfulKit

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No Me Gusta

-The terrible field conditions. How can it be that Mexico constantly gets put in this type of situation? Everyone makes money off of these games and if SUM can’t get acceptable playing surfaces, changes need to be made. The announcers made several comments about players literally trying to fix the patches and holes on the field, that is unacceptable. I couldn’t have been the only one who looked on in horror as Layun went down in the second half. Luckily it wasn’t his knee and he returned to action.

-Missed clear chances by Chicharito. Mexico was able to get the ball to Hernandez in dangerous positions but the Bayer player failed to score in the run of play. His finishing and first touch are things I expect he will get back after minutes at Mexico’s favorite Bundesliga team, Bayer.

-Late mistakes. The final result was okay but lets be honest, we all wanted the win. Moises had a bad mistake that jumped started Argentina’s come back draw. Overall, Mexico’s keeper played well but he will wish he had that one back.


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  1. Jiménez tambien fue malo como Chicharito. Primero se perdió el 2 vs 1 por no pasar y después de que no podía cumplir con los pases de Miguel.

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