Raul Jimenez v Getafe (3/21/15)

Raul Jimenez picked up a rare start this past weekend for Cholo’s Atletico Madrid. I went back and watched this match with the intention of logging every time he did anything. I was pleasantly surprised with how active he was in his 64 minutes of action. He seemed to understand what was expected of him and worked well with Fernando Torres. After re-watching the match, I feel a little more at ease with where he is in his development. Scroll on for my notes and some videos.

2- Got fouled receiving a pass and Fernando Torres scores on the ensuing free kick

4- Chases down a long ball and forces Getafe to concede a throw in after pressure. Announcers comment on how Raul’s play has improved in recent appearances.

8- Earns a corner

14- Nice through ball to spring Torres on a quick counter


17- He attacks empty space in the box and nearly gets on the end of a Koke through ball       

20- Dispossessed at the top of the box  

21- Good interplay with Torres  

23- Nice layoff for Torres who gets a good shot on frame  

25- Couldn’t get his pass by his defender but Jimenez chases down Getafe player and stops counter from happening.

27- Tracks and regains possession.

    29- Good one touch play with the midfield

32- Drops deep to give midfielders another passing option 

-44 Great flick on leads to his first La Liga assist  

52-Makes run into box but the cross is cut off by GK

54- Receives ball at midfield, dribbles to the top of the box and waits for his fellow attackers to join instead of trying to force anything.


55- Starts counter from his own end and dribbles around a defender in the process  

57- Tracks back and steals the ball again

59- Nice backheel pass but teammate can’t control it

  61-Tries to surprise the keeper with a long distance shot  

63- Nearly springs Torres off of a headed pass  

64-Comes off and receives a good round of applause.


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