While some Europeos are not having the greatest of times, Jesus Corona is not one of them. He has been a revelation for club and country.

Corona is having one of the best years of his life. He recently: became a father, signed an extension w/FC Twente, and is in the midst of his best professional season. So much that English papers are linking him with moves there. That is a big change from August when many assumed he would crawl back to Mexico. Smart money was on a move back after his coach demoted him to the reserves for being “fat”. But Tecatito fought his way back onto the team and is now an integral part. FC Twente is currently battling for a Europa League spot and relies on him to spark the offense most games. The match this past weekend was a great example of how far his game has come.

He constantly made himself available to teammates in search of the ball. Not content with waiting on the wings for it to come to him. His work rate has improved and it is not uncommon to see him track back and start a counter with a steal. Tecatito is not afraid to throw his small frame into another player to maintain or recover possession. All of this is in addition to how dangerous he is in 1v1 situations. On top of this, he still knows how to score goals. He is still a young player but one that is continually progressing and getting better.

2015 will be an important year for Corona. Bigger teams will come calling during the Summer transfer window and Piojo will look for him to contribute on the National Team. He only has 2 senior caps but he has shown he can play with the big boys. Piojo will want to see more of those passes this summer. The only question will be whether Tecatito plays for the “A” or “B” team this summer.