Tecatito? Not this time

Piojo has released his list of extranjeros for the October call ups and I have to admit, I am a little surprised.

 I was hoping for a couple fringe Europe based players to make the trip to Mexico. I know a lot of people are assuming those players will get their chance in November but there is no time like the present to asses talent.
Four out of the 5 players were called up last camp, Chicharito the only exception.

  1. Guillermo Ochoa
  2. Javier Hernandez
  3. Erick Torres
  4. Hector Herrera
  5. Javier Aquino

I can’t say I disagree with Piojo calling up those 5 players but he has said he will need 2 teams next summer. Besides Cubo, he knows what he will get out of these players. Why not take a look at a couple fringe foreign-based players? Then he can mix in the established foreigners in November. Realistically, he knows he needs results. The trigger happy Federation will always be in the back of his mind. That will definitely stifle his will to experiment. While I agree w/Cesar Hernandez that we shouldn’t worry, I still wish Piojo would do what Klinsmann did: bring in a squad of youngsters to get a look at their development first hand.