Gracias Salcido

A veteran of countless battles for Mexico has decided to hang up his boots on his international career. It was officially announced at a press conference today by Chivas. He spoke about wanting to play in another WC but realizing it was not going to be.  Therefore he has decided to step aside. I will definitely miss Salcido. Most fans did not expect him to make the 23 to Russia but assumed he would be there through at least the Gold Cup next year. He might not get the same recognition as Rafa Marquez but he should be praised for his club career as much as his national team career.

2006 WC

He was a good role model for Mexicans abroad. He took a risk by moving to Europe during a time where Mexican players were not making the leap. He succeeded while in Europe, winning the Eredivisie twice with PSV, playing well in Champions League and the Premier League w/Fulham. His adventures overseas ended a few years ago when he made the transfer to Tigres in LigaMX. His career has come full circle. He is currently back at Chivas trying to help the club stave off relegation. The same club that gave him his LigaMX debut only 18 months after he started playing 3rd division soccer in Mexico.

My respect for Salcido does not stem from his success abroad or with El Tri. It comes from how he even got there in the first place. He was not brought up in any academy system, he was not a regular call up for youth international camps. He was just a guy trying to survive and help out his family. Soccer just kind of happened for him.  For a kid who stumbled upon a career in football, who washed cars to survive, who failed to cross the border into America multiple times, who got discovered while playing in jeans and work shoes, I would say he did alright. In fact, he did more than alright. He made Mexico proud.