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WrestleMania 36: Skip or Watch? (Night 1)

This is as close to sports as we’ll get for a few months. Hopefully I am not throwing away the next 3 hours of my life watching this. Read along to see if any of the matches are worth watching.

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TCK Podcast: Business of Soccer

Walter Franco and I discuss the business of soccer. Our main topics are Chicharito moving to MLS, Chivas TV situation, and what foreign leagues are doing in the US. We also dip our toes into the FMF/SUM relationship at the end of the episode.

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Gracias Chicha

April 8th, 2010

Everyone’s favorite Little Pea is leaving Europe and coming to MLS. Of course the transfer to a “lesser” league will disappoint many but I’m taking a different approach.

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(Dumpster) Fire Off-Season

The 2020 MLS season is nearly upon us. The Chicago Fire had an eventful off-season with a couple highs but many more lows…..

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Dream Season for Raul Jimenez

Raul Jimenez had a bumpy start to his European career. It started with him receiving just 4 league starts in his first season with Atletico Madrid and scoring 1 goal. His estimated $12m transfer seemed like a bust for the Spanish giants. He was sent to Benfica and experienced some success but was never fully trusted to lead the line for the Portuguese giants. Jimenez never started more for than 8 league games or saw more than 1,000 league minutes in any of his 3 seasons in Portugal. Although he did reach double digit goal totals in 2 out of the 3 seasons, he wanted more responsibility than being a super sub. A Mexican striker in Europe in wanting to be more than a super sub, sound familiar?

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Mexico FIFA 20 Ratings

It’s that time of year. The newest version of FIFA is about to release and you know what that means: time to argue over player ratings. I sorted ratings through their best position. Only notable player I couldn’t find a rating for was Hector Moreno. I guess that happens when you go from La Liga to the Qatar Stars League.

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FIFA Conversations: Cesar Hernandez

Cesar and I played a couple FIFA19 games as we discussed Mexican soccer.

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2019-2020 TCK FC Kit

I reached out to Icarus FC to design some kits for TCK FC after Hec recommended them and I think they killed it. Before we place our order, I figured I would open it up and see if anyone else is interested in ordering one as well. There is a long sleeve option as well if that’s more your thing. Reach out to me via email or DM if you are interested. Ultimately, the price will range between $30-40 depending on the final order count and will ship 6-8 weeks after the order is placed.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Spoiler Free Review

Many of you had an appointment last night to watch something specific like say, a Gold Cup semi-final. As for me, I had one as well but it involved a kid from Queens going on his summer trip to Europe..

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NBA Draft- GarPax Edition

LaMarcus? Naw lets trade for Tyrus Thomas..

Draft night is the unofficial start to the new season and as a Bulls fan, its been the high point of our season for the last couple of years. Lets see if I can blog past the lottery.

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