I read a lot. I consume articles, blog posts, reddit threads, YouTube interviews, and transfer rumors all day. Sometimes its from the obvious sources (ESPN) but other times its from an obscure YouTube channel or a dude with a dozen followers. So I’m going to try something new and share the good ones. I’ll try to pick stuff I think is worth reading/watching about El Tri and Mexican soccer alike. I hope to do this a couple times week, hopefully more if the content is there. If you see anything good out there, send me a link. Below is my first batch of links.

Chicharito is needed once again, not by choice but needed nonetheless via @NicholasRigg.

Great interview with Andres Guardado after he wins the Eredivisie via @G_Aztecas. I suggest you follow their YouTube channel for more similar content. 

-Mexico’s U22 roster for US friendly. The friendly kicks off at 10:00PM central time tonight in Carson, CA. It should be a good match up for both sides as they try to gauge where their squads are before Olympic Qualifying starts later this year. 

-Nayib with a couple words on Cuauhtemoc Blanco and Hector Herrera.

-Tom Marshall on Puebla’s Copa Mexico victory and Blanco’s retirement. One of the more exciting games I have seen this year. Playing the last couple minutes in a dimly lit stadium was not how I expected it to end. 

-MLSsoccer.com has the story of the last American team playing in El Azteca in a CONCACAF competition. A good read from the past.

-Cesar Hernandez on growing up  in the Mexico vs US rivalry. I can definitely relate to many things he brings up in his article.