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New Kits For El Tri

What has Adidas done to Mexico’s kits? If there is one thing I have always associated with Mexico, it is their green kits. The “away” jersey has gone through many different variations but that is what it is for. Although I am generally not concerned with their away kits, I admit Adidas hit it out of the park with the 2010 WC away kit. Adidas even said Mexico’s black kit at 2010 WC was their best seller. But the home kit is something that should not be experimented with.

I was hoping those leaks last week were training tops but I was wrong…

Is That Lime Green?

Looks Like A Training Top

Those are Mexico’s newest threads and will be for at least 2015. They pale in comparison to the, I think, great kits in the last 20 years. Even Manny Pacquiao was a fan of past kits.

And for those calling on Mexico to leave Adidas, it cannot happen until after the 2022 WC. Adidas is in the business of making money and will want to continue being Mexico’s kit supplier far beyond 2022. The Adidas/Mexico relationship has worked out for both sides but this design will go down as a miss in my book.

Below is their presentation video:

The reaction on Twitter has not been kind to the kits. What are your thoughts?


  1. Joshua

    II’m USMNT fan now

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