El Principito w/Captain’s Armband

Mexico battled a strong Chile team to a goal less draw. It sounds a lot more exciting than that but it is what it is. The game felt like a track meet for most of the 90 minutes. Below are some thoughts on the game. Nothing too crazy, I’m just splitting it up into a couple sections for a quick read.

El Zorillo Battles

The Good

-As soon as Mexico got the ball, they immediately looked to push forward. This sprung many of their dangerous attacks against a team scrambling back. A good tactic when they do not expect to keep much of the ball.

-Forced Alexi Sanchez to come deep to find the ball. Overall, for a unit that had not played much together, Mexico did well. The back unit will need to play more and build an understanding. Playing in 3 man backline takes getting use to.

-Good game against one of the better teams at WC and an early favorite for Copa America next year. The team understood the task at hand and played their all for a packed house full of Mexico fans. The same fans that Piojo praised for coming out and supporting the team.

-Memo did well when called upon, had a great save on Vidal’s header. Piojo even hoped his club coach was watching. Fans are hoping this can springboard into more 1st team minutes for Memo.

The Bad

-The attack created several dangerous opportunities but none found the back of the net. The finishing was not there for El Tri. A feeling that is all too familiar for Mexico fans.

-2 key players for Mexico had to leave the game earlier than expected due to a couple of knocks. Another was hurt in practice before the Bolivia game. Maza and Gallito are not expected to miss much time, Gio was not so lucky. The Villarrreal star is expected to miss several weeks due to a hamstring injury. Maza and Gio have already returned to their club teams, while Gallito is still with Mexico but the 3 will not feature in tonight’s game. In response to the injuries, Piojo said he will play with the players he has now, no other call ups.


The Chuletita