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I was excited for this match but expected an uneven performance with the squad Piojo picked. What did we get? An uneven performance. I think several players had good games and helped their standing with the national teams, but the team was unable to finish the chances created. Overall, these 2 games did their job: provided glimpses of players for Piojo’s next 11.

The Good

-Bolivia was making ML7 > CR7. He was pretty much doing whatever he wanted down the left flank. His work rate was rewarded when he finished off Cubo’s rebound for the only goal in the game. Layun is a first team player who was a late addition to the roster after Torres Nilo dropped out due to injury. While I am glad Layun is playing well, I was hoping to see Torres Nilo try to work his way back in national team picture.

-Rios did well playing the Gallito role. While the competition was not the highest, he had a strong game and will provide Herrera with another option in the holding midfield role. Injuries happen and Mexico needs all the depth it can get.

– The 3 CBs were solid in the little defensive work they had to do. Mier was quick to spring midfielders with long passes from the back. He has shown the effects of his knee injury are behind him. He should get consistent call ups from Piojo and has a chance of sneaking into first 11.

-Aquino played well operating mostly in center midfield. Showing he can be effective as more than just an out-&-out winger. Herrera values players who can play more than 1 position. I expect him to continue his stellar play in La Liga this season while on loan at Rayo Vallecano.

-Considering he was the player everyone was interested in watching, Cubo did well in his debut. You can tell he was a little nervous at first but he had a good game overall. Herrera praised him after the game. said he liked what he saw from Cubo. He is young but we should get use to seeing him representing Mexico and hopefully, we see some more robot action. Torres is looking like the guy that wants to lead the attack for “B” National Team in Copa America next summer. I believe Mexico will be sending a mostly U23 side to the tournament next year and Cubo is solidifying his place on it.

The Bad

-Nearly gave away the equalizer as the game was nearly over. That would have been a disaster to tie to a team like Bolivia. The Mexican press would have had a field day over that type of result.

-Chuletita did little to show Piojo he can be a part of the forward rotation. I think it will be a while before we see him representing Mexico.

-As dominating the performance was in the first half, there was a definite drop off in the 2nd. Same amount of possession but not much to it. The offense was stagnant and did not pick up until Herrera plugged some of his regulars in for the last 15-20 minutes.

The Ugly

-Different game, same story. The finishing just was not there and the ball only found the back of the net once. Plenty of chances were created, some even hit the post but the finishing was just not there. Should we be worried? I don’t think so. Mexico still has Chicharito & Jimenez, who were not called in, and maybe Vela? The Carlitos Vela saga is a telenovela for another day but I think he will come back. My guess? Piojo calls him for the November friendlies in Europe. Will he accept? We hope so..

-Red card by Bolivian player for going off on the linesman. So unnecessary.

-Several pitch invaders, I think security was lulled to sleep by the run of play early in the second half. Ironically, the pitch invaders provided most of the action for the Mexican keeper.