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2019-2020 TCK FC Kit

I reached out to Icarus FC to design some kits for TCK FC after Hec recommended them and I think they killed it. Before we place our order, I figured I would open it up and see if anyone else is interested in ordering one as well. There is a long sleeve option as well if that’s more your thing. Reach out to me via email or DM if you are interested. Ultimately, the price will range between $30-40 depending on the final order count and will ship 6-8 weeks after the order is placed.

El Brody wearing some of my all time favorite kits…

One of the things that separates soccer from every sport in the US are the uniforms. While NBA, NFL, NHL, & MLB uniforms tend to stay the same over decades, soccer kits tend to get refreshed almost yearly. How else do you expect teams to fund those massive transfer fees?  The summer is when teams show off their new kits to go along with their new players.  Lets see which Mexican Internationals swapped out their old rags for new kits.

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