#TBT: 2012 Olympic Kit

I already wrote about Mexico’s 2012 Olympic gold but this piece will focus from a different angle. More specifically, from a jersey angle. Going into the Olympics, it was known Mexico was not going to be able to wear their Adidas kits but rather Atletica. This was due to Atletica having a deal to outfit all of Mexico’s Olympic athletes. Naturally, I had low expectations.


This kit was worn in a tournament by the Olympic squad before London, the 2011 Pan American Games. I’m not really sure what the hell is happening on the side of the jersey. So I had VERY low expectations for their 2012 Olympic kits. Luckily for Mexico fans, the kits Atletica made were actually pretty solid. They wont go down as all time classics like te 1998 WC kit but good nonetheless.  The only complaint is the players’ numbers on the front, hid the graphic in the middle of the kit. Not sure where else the numbers would go though.

It was the same design for all 3 but in different color schemes representing the colors of the Mexican flag. Whereas the kits for the 2016 Olympics are rumored to only come in black or White. It was a nice subtle design that was a long way from the kit used for the 2011 Pan America games. That kit would have felt more at home in the late 90s than now. You can even buy a “Special Edition” of the 2012 kit with one added design element. If you do so, try to order a size up as the kit runs a small, especially in length. So the 2012 kit design was solid but I cant help but wonder if I’m a fan of the kit due to 1 shiny star shaped reason.