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2019-2020 TCK FC Kit

I reached out to Icarus FC to design some kits for TCK FC after Hec recommended them and I think they killed it. Before we place our order, I figured I would open it up and see if anyone else is interested in ordering one as well. There is a long sleeve option as well if that’s more your thing. Reach out to me via email or DM if you are interested. Ultimately, the price will range between $30-40 depending on the final order count and will ship 6-8 weeks after the order is placed.

Mexico’s New 2019 Away Kit Leaks

via @EleteTSC 

Kits leak all the time and many months ahead of any official announcement. Mexico’s 2018 World Cup kits leaked in January of 2017 but were not officially announced until November 2017. Adidas is already looking to update Mexico’s look for 2019.  

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An Actual Colorful Kit

El Brody

Considering this site is “The Colorful Kit” it would make sense that I would be all over any Jorge Campos designed kits. Classic Football Shirts teamed up with the Mexican legend to release a keeper kit inspired from his 90s attire.

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Mexico’s World Cup Kits

The 2018 World Cup is here and what better time than now to look back at Mexico’s previous World Cup kits. I recap El Tri’s kits since the 1994 World Cup and give you my favorite memory at each World Cup. I do try to avoid the traumatic ones but no promises.

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New Kit: Chicharito, Manchester United 11-12 Away

As the site name might imply, I do love a good kit. It only makes sense that I have a growing collection of them occupying more space in my closet than my girlfriend would like. Particularly, I gravitate towards the kits of Mexicans playing abroad. This explains why I have a Deportiva La Coruña kit in my collection. El Principito played there from 2007 to 2012 after Atlas sold 75% of his rights for around $9mil. Also explains why my eBay search history mostly consists of “Mexican National team player + foreign club.”  So yes, a kit nerd would be a good way to describe me. That’s why it is always exciting when a new kit joins the family and mail man was kind this week:

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#TBT: 2012 Olympic Kit

I already wrote about Mexico’s 2012 Olympic gold but this piece will focus from a different angle. More specifically, from a jersey angle. Going into the Olympics, it was known Mexico was not going to be able to wear their Adidas kits but rather Atletica. This was due to Atletica having a deal to outfit all of Mexico’s Olympic athletes. Naturally, I had low expectations.

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