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Mexico’s World Cup Kits

The 2018 World Cup is here and what better time than now to look back at Mexico’s previous World Cup kits. I recap El Tri’s kits since the 1994 World Cup and give you my favorite memory at each World Cup. I do try to avoid the traumatic ones but no promises.

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New Kit: Chicharito, Manchester United 11-12 Away

As the site name might imply, I do love a good kit. It only makes sense that I have a growing collection of them occupying more space in my closet than my girlfriend would like. Particularly, I gravitate towards the kits of Mexicans playing abroad. This explains why I have a Deportiva La Coruña kit in my collection. El Principito played there from 2007 to 2012 after Atlas sold 75% of his rights for around $9mil. Also explains why my eBay search history mostly consists of “Mexican National team player + foreign club.”  So yes, a kit nerd would be a good way to describe me. That’s why it is always exciting when a new kit joins the family and mail man was kind this week:

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#TBT: 2012 Olympic Kit

I already wrote about Mexico’s 2012 Olympic gold but this piece will focus from a different angle. More specifically, from a jersey angle. Going into the Olympics, it was known Mexico was not going to be able to wear their Adidas kits but rather Atletica. This was due to Atletica having a deal to outfit all of Mexico’s Olympic athletes. Naturally, I had low expectations.

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