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Key Passes: 11/2/17

Here are today’s Key Passes. A little later than usual but still just as good. I know the goal above happened in a U17 game but it is one of my favorite goals scored. His club career is kinda of stalled but Julio Gomez aka La Momia will always have this goal.


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Key Passes: 10/26/17

A quiet day but please enjoy this golazo from Jared Borgetti. Temo Blanco delivered a great ball but this goal was all El Zorro del Desierto and his great header/ Gigi Buffon could do nothing but just watch.

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Key Passes: 10/25/17

Today’s Key Passes include: Copa MX action, Mexico going on tour,  and a new FIFA TOTW.

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Key Passes: 10/24/17

El Principito droppin’ dimes in La Liga


A Key Pass is defined as a pass that leads to a shot on goal by a teammate. In this post, I am trying to lead the reader to some good soccer content. There is so much going on that it is easy to miss. I hope to do these a few times a week. I will gladly take any suggestions if you find something cool online, send it my way. Whether its a nice kit from an obscure team or a golazo in a random college soccer game.


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