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An Actual Colorful Kit

El Brody

Considering this site is “The Colorful Kit” it would make sense that I would be all over any Jorge Campos designed kits. Classic Football Shirts teamed up with the Mexican legend to release a keeper kit inspired from his 90s attire.

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Monday Morning Centerback- 1/21

A couple of Mexican defenders found themselves on the scoresheet and another found himself back in LigaMX. Let’s see what else happened this weekend.

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Monday Morning Centerback- 1/14

Lainez arrives in Spain

Most of the European leagues return from winter break next weekend. Until then, we are light on actual games.

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Monday Morning Centerback

Hector Moreno and Real Sociedad beat Real Madrid 2-0

January soccer feels like the week between Christmas and New Year’s. No one is sure who is working or what day of the week it is. Here are a few things that happened over the weekend.

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Weekend Preview: 1/4

Rough season for Moreno so far

With several leagues in the middle of their winter break, this weekend’s schedule will be light.

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Raul Jimenez Blossoming in England

Art by Louise Cobbold

Coming into the season, there were a lot of questions whether Raul Jimenez could establish himself as a starter for the newly promoted Wolves. In his 3 seasons in Portugal, Raul only had 20 league starts while coming off the bench 60 times. He never reached 1,000 league minutes in any season or had more than 7 league goals. Many expected him to flop and end up back in Mexico by the summer of 2019. Fortunately for him, he has taken advantage of his opportunity.

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Weekend Preview: 9/28

Otro juego, otro gol…

Champions and Europa League mid-week games loom over this weekend. Don’t be surprised if clubs switch up their squads to keep certain players fresh for those mid-week games

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Weekend Preview: 9/21

PSV vs Ajax this weekend

The first matchday of Europa League and Champions League is now behind us. Back to league play for our Mexicans Abroad…

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Mexicans in Champions/Europa League

LigaMX, Eredivisie have seen this celebration. Champions League next?

The Champions League is here. So is its little brother, Europa League. Let’s try to keep track of how our Mexicans are doing. Even if a couple of them are in the Group of Death with Barcelona….

(Kickoff times are CT)

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Weekend Schedule and Progress Report

He swings and… misses

It might be only a month or so in for most European leagues but let’s take a quick look at how our Mexicans Abroad are doing before previewing the weekend’s schedule.

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