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FIFA Conversations: Cesar Hernandez

Cesar and I played a couple FIFA19 games as we discussed Mexican soccer.

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2019-2020 TCK FC Kit

I reached out to Icarus FC to design some kits for TCK FC after Hec recommended them and I think they killed it. Before we place our order, I figured I would open it up and see if anyone else is interested in ordering one as well. There is a long sleeve option as well if that’s more your thing. Reach out to me via email or DM if you are interested. Ultimately, the price will range between $30-40 depending on the final order count and will ship 6-8 weeks after the order is placed.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Spoiler Free Review

Many of you had an appointment last night to watch something specific like say, a Gold Cup semi-final. As for me, I had one as well but it involved a kid from Queens going on his summer trip to Europe..

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NBA Draft- GarPax Edition

LaMarcus? Naw lets trade for Tyrus Thomas..

Draft night is the unofficial start to the new season and as a Bulls fan, its been the high point of our season for the last couple of years. Lets see if I can blog past the lottery.

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Anyone Left?

He wont be wearing that this Summer…

El Tri have another tournament this summer because well, how else is CONCACAF going to make money if they don’t hold the Gold Cup every 2 years. If you’re a fan of Mexico, you will notice several national team stalwarts missing. Some due to injuries, others for personal reasons and one because he pissed off the new coach…

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Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV (Diecast) Review

I typically write about sports, mostly soccer on my blog but I am switching it up today. I am a huge Marvel fan and have had my eye on the Hot Toys line for a while but never pulled the trigger on buying their figures. However, that changed when I ordered the Iron Man Mark IV figure from Hot Toys last month. After End Game, it seems a lot of people are looking to make their first purchase and have some questions. I try to answer some of those questions in my review of the Iron Man Mark IV.

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Mexico’s New 2019 Away Kit Leaks

via @EleteTSC 

Kits leak all the time and many months ahead of any official announcement. Mexico’s 2018 World Cup kits leaked in January of 2017 but were not officially announced until November 2017. Adidas is already looking to update Mexico’s look for 2019.  

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Mexicans Abroad: Does It Matter?

Raul leading Wolves to the FA Cup semi-final

If there’s one thing that gets my weekend off to a great start its a Chicharito brace. Or MOTM performance by Lozano. Or Jimenez scoring a game winner versus Manchester United. The current crop of Mexicans Abroad might finally be changing the conversation when it comes to foreign clubs signing Mexicans.

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Chivas del Norte- To Panic Or Not To Panic?

This week the CDN crew discussed the Chivas vs Veracruz game, Alexis Vega, Cardozo concerns, previewed the next game against Necaxa, some Mexicans abroad talk, and finish off with Flo’s gambling corner segment.

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An Actual Colorful Kit

El Brody

Considering this site is “The Colorful Kit” it would make sense that I would be all over any Jorge Campos designed kits. Classic Football Shirts teamed up with the Mexican legend to release a keeper kit inspired from his 90s attire.

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